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Adygea dairies have increased cheese production

The production of cheese and cheese products by the dairy plants of Republic of Adygea for the first quarter of this year increased by 13%, despite the pandemic. The enterprises produced about 4.4 thousand tons of products, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Anzaur Kuanov told TASS on Monday.

Dairies of the republic have the opportunity to receive preferential short-term loans for the purchase of milk. In the first quarter, 165 million rubles were allocated for these purposes. The regional authorities are interested in increasing cheese production, this gives an impetus to the development of livestock and processing industries in the republic, the minister said.

For the first time, Adyghe cheese on an industrial scale began to be produced in 1968 at the Shovgenovsky Dairy Plant. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in January 2018 recognized the right to use the brand "Adyghe cheese" only to manufacturers of Adygea.

Nine enterprises of the republic now have the right to produce Cheese “Adyghe”, among them - “Giaginsky” Dairy Plant, “Tambovsky Dairy Plant”, “Krasnogvardeisky Dairy Plant”, “Adygea Dairy Plant”, “Dairy Plant of Adygea”, “New Dairy Plant”, "Koshekhablsky Cheese Plant", as well as individual entrepreneur Ruslan Khutyz.

In 2019, Adygea produced 17.2 thousand tons of cheese and cheese products, which is 26% higher than the previous year, in all categories of farms - almost used 120 thousand tons of milk.