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A large goat milk farm has been launched in Adygea

Head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov met with the heads of " Mirny" company

In January, a large-scale investment project was launched in Maykop District in Republic of Adygea.

The dairy complex was erected by the investor, goats of a highly productive breed were brought from the Netherlands. Foreign partners praised the pace of implementation of this project.

The Republic rendered maximum assistance to the investor - the republic is interested in developing a new promising livestock sector and in creating a dairy cluster. And these are new jobs, tax revenues to the budget and, of course, the popularization of dairy products from Adygea.

In just a year, the company managed to do a lot. Now he has big plans. In the future, "Mirny Agroholding LLC" may become the largest goat milk producer in Russia Federation.

Source: facebook page of Head of Adygea.