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Adygea has begun preparations for the reception of tourists

On June 29, in Adygea decided to gradually open the tourism industry

The authorities of Republic of Adygea on June 29 at the meeting of the headquarters decided that the exact date of the reception of tourists will be called after the stabilization of the epidemic situation in the republic. At first, the republic will accept vacationers only from Adygea itself, the Krasnodar Region and the Rostov Region. 

The committee on tourism and resorts of the republic explained that at the first stage it is proposed to open sightseeing facilities, as well as tourist enterprises, where there are individual bathrooms. Now 44 guest houses are already ready to receive vacationers, where 2 thousand 113 places have been created.

The exact date of opening of the tour objects depends on the distribution coefficient of the coronavirus. At the moment, representatives of the resort industry were encouraged to continue preparations for the implementation of industry standards, the press service of the head of Adygea said.

Note, on May 28, Adygea moved to the first stage of lifting restrictions. In the republic, non-food stores with a separate entrance, hairdressers and beauty salons were allowed to work. Also from June 10, clothing pavilions and small shopping centers resumed work. Earlier in Adygea it was allowed to open temples and mosques. Since June 19, summer cafes have been opened, and from June 22 - kindergartens.