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The first ice arena appeared in Adygea

In the capital of Republic of Adygea, city of Maykop, the construction of the first ice arena "Oshten" was completed on schedule. More than 262 million rubles were allocated from the federal and republican budgets for the construction of this sports facility.

The building is designed for 360 seats and there are rooms for power and theoretical classes, an office for medical personnel with the necessary equipment, and convenient locker rooms for athletes.

According to the chairman of the committee on physical culture and sports of Adygea, Murat Daguzhiev, there are already hockey enthusiasts in the republic who several years ago organized their own federation, which brought together more than 25 people.

The head of the Adygea Hockey Federation, Chich Ahmed, noted that with the advent of the ice arena, the republic’s hockey gains new opportunities for development. After all, until now, training had to be carried out in the city of Hot-Key (Psifabe).

According to the head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov, the ice arena will attract the attention of young people and provide new opportunities for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Murat Kumpilov in the ice arena "Oshten"