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Payment system PayPal restricts service in Russia

From July 31st, the company stops transfers between users inside Russia. The change in the rules in PayPal is associated with amendments to the Russian law "On the national payment system".

The international payment system PayPal stops to carry out customer internal transfers and payments in Russia. This was announced on Thursday, July 9, on the company's website in changes to the legal agreements that govern the user's relationship with PayPal and will come into force on July 31.

"We will only support international payments: you can use PayPal services as usual, but only to make payments to foreign PayPal users and to receive payments from foreign users," the message says. The company further explains that Russian clients will not be able to send payments to PayPal users inside Russia and also will not be able to receive payments from clients inside Russian .

In Russia, on July 4, amendments to the law "On the National Payment System" entered into force, which establish new requirements for domestic Russian transfers of electronic money. Now the operator of electronic money and the organizations it attracts are not entitled to transfer information about transfers carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of a foreign state or provide access to such information from abroad, TASS notes.