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In Adygea this year will build 262 thousand m² of housing

The head of Republic of Adygea Murat Kumpilov, took part in a meeting of the working group of the State Council of the Russian Federation in the direction of construction, housing and communal services, urban environment, within which the issues of building affordable housing and improving the living conditions of citizens were discussed.

“The instruction of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the activation of housing construction, the current and government-developed incentive mechanisms for the industry, the simplification of bureaucratic procedures - all this today opens up tremendous opportunities for the republic for the rapid construction of modern and high-quality housing stock, improvement of the living conditions of our residents, including - within the framework of state programs, ”the Head of Adygea commented on the results of the meeting.

In Adygea, within the framework of the national project, the regional project "Housing" was approved, which provides for the introduction of 2.1 million m² of living space by 2024. Last year, the republic has already put into operation 257 thousand m², which is 137.4% compared to 2018. The expected commissioning of housing this year will exceed 262 thousand m², of which more than 154 thousand m² multi-apartment housing.

To increase the volume of construction of individual residential buildings, it is planned to provide the land plots allocated for building with engineering infrastructure.