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Republic of Adygea supports farmers by grants

The head of Republic of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, spoke about two heads of peasant farms who received grants for the creation and development of their own economy as part of the implementation of the regional project “Creation of a support system for farmers and the development of rural cooperation in the republic.

Thanks to the grant, Yanna Kukovitskaya acquired a tractor, a universal loader and a disc harrow. This will be of great help, because the peasant farms are planning to grow pumpkins and zucchini on their own land of 11 hectares.

The head of the farm Yunus Tsiku received similar state support. The farmer used the funds to purchase a mini-tractor, a rotary tiller, a mower, a sprayer and planting material. Thanks to this, the farm plans to significantly increase the area of ​​cultivation of blackberries.

“The development of such farms is also the appearance of new jobs, and therefore new prospects, which is especially important in the countryside,” Kumpilov noted.

He also added that agriculture is one of the main sectors of the economy of Adygea. Small private peasant farms play a significant role in the republic.