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The first electric car was produced at the plant in Adygea

The first electric car ARDERIA TS2, created as part of the author's innovative project, was produced at a plant in the Republic of Adygea, the head of the republic, Murat Kumpilov, said on Tuesday in his Instagram account.

“Transport of the future has begun to be produced in Adygea. This is how you can characterize the electric micro-car ARDERIA TS2, which was created within the framework of the author's innovative project "Ecological electric transport". Adygea became the platform for the implementation of the project - the country's first car in the class of electric microcars was assembled at a plant in the village of Enem, ” Kumpilov wrote.

The head of the republic specified that the electric car was created by a group of enthusiastic employees led by Alexei Toropov, the inventor of the USSR and the Russian Federation, head of the regional branch of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators (VOIR).

“Today, electric vehicles are the most environmentally friendly mode of transport and meet modern quality of life requirements. Therefore, I am sure the project has great prospects. And in the future we will support all innovative initiatives of our scientists and inventors." Kumpilov added.