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How many Circassian online stores exist in the world?

With the advancement of technology in the world and with the outbreak of the coronavirus plague the online stores which are opening have doubled all over the world. Despite this, the Circassians in the homeland and also in the Diaspora are not felt at all in this area. There are some sellers on Amazon, eBay and others but these do not have websites.

Online stores of a variety of different products may exist but from checking or searching through the Internet it is impossible to know about the existence of such stores that belong to the Circassians. In the field of distinct Circassian products such as books about the Circassians or Circassian clothing and such, you can search the Internet and find them. In such a search we did in the field of Circassian products we found only one online store in the whole Circassian world.

The store we found bears the name Ethno-Circassia and this is its electronic address: The language used by the site is Russian. This store mainly offers a variety of books on the Circassian theme. You can buy these books through this site.