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In Adygea, the Tambovsky dairy plant will double its cheese production

The "Tambovsky" Dairy Factory is one of the leading dairy farms in the Republic of Adygea and the North Caucasus. The main product of the factory is the Circassian cheese as well as other cheeses. Cheese production capacity - up to 350 tons per month. The company's products are displayed in the major retail chains in the Russian Federation and abroad. After modernization, the company plans to double its production capacity and expand its product range.

The growing capabilities of the plant make it possible to solve the problem of employment of rural residents not only in the village of Tambovsky, but also in nearby villages. In the last four years, the number of employees has increased 2.5 times - from 198 people in 2016 to 524 people on January 1, 2021.

In order to increase the production capacity, the volume and variety of products, to improve the working conditions, the company is carrying out an investment project, in the framework of which new modern production houses were built in an area of ​​2232 square meters. Place for packaging - 1393 square meters. As well as a new structure for storing milk, a structure for receiving milk, a boiler compressor room, a warehouse of inventory items, a workshop and a service building. Purchased and installed modern and innovative technological equipment.

Currently, the last phase of production is underway and full output will increase the volume of processed milk to 200 tons per day, and the volume of products - to 25 tons per day. They will also start producing new types of cheese (mozzarella, halloumi, ricotta), and the number of employees will increase by more than 200 people.