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The dog sledding route in the Adygea Mountains has been extended to 16 km

For several years tourists in Adygea have been able to travel on dog sledding trips in the mountains of the Republic. The route is called "Husky Lago-Naki" and it passes through the Caucasian Nature Reserve. This year this route has been extended up to 16 km. In one sled can ride 2 people . The trip lasts 3 hours.
Before departure the tourists receive a briefing as well as a short training on the sleds. The route begins at the Abzakh mountain pass in the area of ​​the Lago-Naki plateau at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. During the hike you see Mount Oshten (2804 meters) and the Caucasus mountain range as well as Mount Chigosh (3238 meters) the highest mountain in Adygea.

Dog sledding trips take place not only in Adygea but also elsewhere in the Circassian homeland.

The photos were taken from the website of the government organization "Caucasian Nature Reserves". More photos can be seen on the reserve's website at this link: kavkazzapoved