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A 200-hectare of industrial park will appear in Adygea

Takhtmukuay District in Adygea - (photo: otdih.nakubani)

An industrial park for several dozen businesses will be established in Adygea, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic Zaur Shogan said .

According to the minister, the industrial park is a platform that should give impetus to the further development of the region's economy and ensure an increase in investment.

Shogan said that the park will appear in the Takhtmukuay District on an area of ​​1943 hectares and will be attractive to investors, as it is close to the city of Krasnodar.

The park will have production facilities included in the list of the most promising sectors in the economy, including light manufacturing industries, the food industry, the production of building materials and mechanical engineering.

According to the minister, about 100 million rubles will be invested in the preparation of the project and it will be ready in 2021, and already today there are 35 businesses that are ready to enter the industrial park.