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Authorities of Adygea want to increase the industrial park to 1,000 hectares

Murat Kumpilov in the press conference - Photo:

The authorities of Adygea are planning to increase the industrial park in the Takhtamukay district from 200 to 1 thousand hectares, the head of the republic, Murat Kumpilov, told reporters.

Earlier it was reported about the implementation in the Takhtamukay district of Adygea of ​​a large investment project to create an industrial park.

"Today, our industrial park is about 200 hectares of land. In general, a thousand hectares in private hands, we will additionally tie them up and develop the industrial park. Development of up to a thousand hectares can be possible ... Gas, electricity, roads. In the individual program we have 1,6 billion rubls for the infrastructure of the industrial park. We want to prepare it as much as possible so that any enterprises come and start their work without extra costs,"- Kumpilov said during a press conference.