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In Adygea, the pandemic did not affect the growth in the number of entrepreneurs

In the Republic of Adygea, despite the pandemic, over the past year there was an increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses, although the number of businessmen in the Russian Federation as a whole decreased by 4%. This was reported by the ministry of economic development and trade of the republic.

According to the ministry, significant support is provided to small and medium-sized businesses in Adygea. 

Last year, under the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives", the amount of funding exceeded 240 million rubles. At the same time, all the functionality of providing services to small and medium-sized businesses was combined in the center "My Business" of Adygea.

Today, in Adygea, small and medium-sized businesses account for over a third of the gross regional product and a fifth of investments in the republic. Small and medium-sized businesses account for about a quarter of the number of employees of legal entities in Adygea, and more than 32 thousand people are employed in this area of ​​the economy.