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Agrarians of Adygea began harvesting grain

In the Republic of Adygea, winter grain crops are being harvested, the area of ​​which is more than 115 thousand hectares. This was reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic.

- As of June 29, a total of 2,652 hectares of winter barley have been threshed in the republic. With a yield of 54.4 centners per hectare, the gross harvest of this fodder crop is 14.4 thousand tons, -  the Ministry of Agriculture of Adygea said.

405 harvesters have been prepared for harvesting operations in the republic. The farms are fully provided with fuels and lubricants, spare parts, and combine operators.

- The pace of work depends on the weather and crop moisture. Rainy weather restrains them, - Zaur Tkhaishaov said , a leading expert of the department of crop production and agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic, in total in Adygea, winter wheat will have to be harvested on an area of ​​more than 93.3 thousand hectares, barley - on 12.1 thousand hectares, rapeseed for grain - on more than 9.5 thousand hectares and triticale - on 155 hectares.