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Altmaier is confident in resolving the dispute with the US over the "Nord Stream-2"

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier believes that the conflict with the United States over the controversial German-Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be resolved. 

"We all agree that we want to settle this issue before the end of August. Compromises are possible. I am optimistic that such solutions can be found in the next two months," the Christian Democratic politician said in an interview with radio station Deutschlandfunk on Thursday, June 24 ...

In August, the US Congress plans to reconsider the issue of sanctions against Nord Stream 2. 

The US says it wants to prevent Western Europe from increasing dependence on Russian gas. At the same time, critics believe that the United States wants to disrupt the launch of a new gas pipeline only in order to sell American liquefied gas to Europe at a high price.