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In Adygea, 389.1 million rubles will be allocated for grants and subsidies to agrarians

The head of the Republic of Adygea Murat Kumpilov paid attention to the issues of providing subsidies to farmers and pointed out the need for effective and timely use of support measures in the agricultural sector.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Adygea, this year 389.1 million rubles have been allocated for grants and subsidies to farmers, of which 33.33 million rubles have already been provided. The task is to speed up the delivery of funds to agricultural producers as quickly as possible.

The head of the Republic emphasized that the provision of subsidies also directly depends on the observance of fire safety measures. Murat Kumpilov instructed to bring to the farmers full information about the conditions that must be observed, as well as to prevent violations when burning rice straw and weeds.