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Goods were exported and imported to Adygea in 2020

In Adygea-stat, they told what goods were exported and imported to Adygea in 2020.

According to the ministry, in 2020 the main goods exported from the Republic of Adygea to the regions of Russia were gas, the volume of export of which amounted to 308.6 million cubic meters, compound feed - 129.9 thousand tons, fruit and vegetable processing products for baby food - 61, 6 million conventional cans, cereals - 33.8 thousand tons, confectionery - 29.8 thousand tons, cheeses and cheese products - 16.7 thousand tons, meat and poultry meat - 16.7 thousand tons , detergents - 15.9 thousand tons.

The main goods imported from the regions of Russia into the republic were gasoline 297.8 thousand tons, diesel fuel - 146.5 thousand tons, medicines worth 508.6 million rubles, perfumery and cosmetics - 197.3 million rubles, jewelry 45.1 million rubles, passenger cars (new) - 6,215 units, trucks - 135 units.