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In Adygea, the average salary in May amounted to 36,037 rubles


In the state statistic department of Adygea (Adygea-stat), they talked about the average monthly wage of workers in the republic for May 2021.

According to the department, it amounted to 36,037.3 rubles,- adigeatoday reports.

The highest wages in May 2021 were among employees of organizations engaged in mining operations (1.5 times higher than the national average), financial and insurance activities (1.3 times), transportation and storage (1.2 times).

Among the processing industries, the highest level of wages was observed in organizations engaged in the production of coke and petroleum products (2.7 times higher than the national average), the report said.

In May 2021, wages were lower than the national average in organizations engaged in the operation of hotels and catering enterprises (1.5 times), administrative activities and related additional services (1.5 times), the provision of other types of services (1.4 ).