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An online system for tracking the movement of city trolleybuses has been developed in Maykop

Photo Administration of Maykop

In Maykop, the capital of the Republic of Adygea a navigation and information system has started to work, allowing online tracking of the movement of city trolleybuses. The pilot project was implemented on the basis of the MUP "Maykop trolleybus management" on behalf of the acting Head of the city of Maykop Sergei Stelmakh,-  the press service of the city administration reports .
To date, all trolleybuses of the city of Maykop are included in the database - 29 units. With the help of the service, residents have the opportunity to plan their movement with minimal time costs: the platform not only allows you to monitor the movement of public transport, but also displays the time of its arrival at the stop.

In order to use the service "Maykop Transport”, just point the camera of your mobile phone at the QR code, which will soon be visible in every vehicle, or follow the link: