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Eco-resort "Lagonaki" in Adygea will occupy 1500 hectares

NJSC "Krasnaya Polyana" presented a preliminary draft of the all-season mountain eco-resort "Lagonaki". Its cost is estimated at 35 billion rubles, the payback period will be more than 20 years. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022. Andrey Krukovsky, the general director of Krasnaya Polyana NJSC, spoke about this at a presentation - meeting with the public,- Adygea TV reports.

An agreement of intent between the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Adygea and NJSC Krasnaya Polyana to create a large-scale investment project in the territory of Adygea “All-season mountain eco-resort“ Lagonaki ”was concluded within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

It is planned that the resort will occupy 1,500 hectares and completely fit in the basin of the river Dry Kurjips, on the eastern slopes of Mount Abadzesh - Murzikao. This is the territory of the former mountain pasture. The resort will not affect the unique natural complexes and nature reserves.

On the territory of the eco-resort, 36 km of ski slopes will be laid and 3 thousand rooms of international hotel brands will be built, as well as year-round services for family recreation: mountain baths, spa complexes, restaurants.

The construction is planned to be carried out in three stages.
As part of the first, 20 km of tracks and 650 rooms will be built from 2022 to 2024. The tourist flow of the resort is projected at the level of 500 thousand people with the growth potential of up to 1 million people, taking into account the new airport in Maykop.

The work of the tourist facility, according to experts, will increase the GRP of Adygea up to 7%.

Activists in the field of ecology have expressed concern about this project, saying it could harm the nature.