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The head of Adygea spoke about plans to create a recreation area in Mazdakh

The head of the Republic of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, on his Instagram page, shared a preliminary project for the improvement of the Mazdakh territory with a total area of ​​435 hectares.

I have already shared my plans to strengthen the Belaya (Shhaguashe)  river bank in Maikop, to reconstruct the pool and create a modern recreation area there in the lower part of the park. Another part of the new tourist zone is the Nagiyezh-Uashkh ridge, which is of historical importance. A fortress of an ancient city was discovered there, as well as many mounds. It has always been a favorite vacation spot. In 2018, we began to restore it with the reconstruction of the stairs leading to the observation deck at an altitude of about 300 meters. Now we are working on a project for the improvement of the Mazdakh territory (near Maikop) with a total area of ​​435 hectares, - Murat Kumpilov wrote .

According to the head of the republic, a benchmark was set for the designers - the idea of ​​harmony with the external environment: they must create a park where a person feels comfortable, but exists inside nature.

The concept of the project represents several objects of recreation and active recreation. In the forested area, it is planned to lay pedestrian, bicycle and horse trails, install benches, lamps, decorative architectural forms, equip observation, sports and children's playgrounds. Places for picnic will be set aside, gazebos will be installed. 

It will be not only a new tourist facility, but also a combined zone for recreation, a place for family, active and beach recreation of residents and guests of the republic, Murat Kumpilov said.

The project will still be finalized taking into account the opinions and wishes of residents.