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Adygea and Sochi entered the top 10 most beautiful places for autumn holidays

The Republic of Adygea and Sochi entered the top 10 scenic vacation spots in October in the Russian Federation. Writes about this "Kommersant" with reference to the study of one of the travel planning services.

In Adygea, tourists were offered to climb the Lagonaki plateau, from where views of the forests with beaty variety of colors and mountain rivers open. In autumn, the compilers of the rating advise to go to the Rufabgo waterfalls, the Skvoznoy cave and the Khadzhokh gorge, where the canyon of the Belaya (Shhaguashe) River is located.

Sochi is also included in the rating. Here, service analysts recommend visiting Krasnaya Polyana, the slopes of Mount Akhun and the Devil's Gate canyon.

Photos from Adygea