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Family farms are being developed in Kabardino-Balkaria


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic has summed up the results of the competitive selection for the provision of subsidies for the development of family farms,- information agency RIA Kabardino-Balkaria reports.

79 applicants took part in the competitive selection. By the decision of the competition committee, 15 peasant (farmer) households became the owners of grants.

The volume of state support amounted to 53.2 million rubles ($750,000), 49.5 million rubles from the federal budget and 3.7 million rubles from the republican budget.

According to the presented business plans, most of the farmers will allocate budgetary funds for the purchase of beef cattle.

In turn, each grantee undertakes to create at least 3 new permanent jobs and carry out activities for at least 5 years from the date of receipt of state support for the development of a family farm.

According to the Minister of Agriculture of Kabardino-Balkaria Khasan Sizhazhev, the grants provided will provide effective support to farms and will contribute to an increase in livestock production.