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In Adygea, the "Easy Start" program is being introduced for future entrepreneurs

The day before, a special program for future entrepreneurs planning to start their own business was held at the site of the My Business Center (the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Adygea), which is especially important in a difficult period due to a pandemic. The Easy Start program is a concise and capacious immersion in the job opportunities that are opening up for entrepreneurs today,- adygvoice reports.

The event was attended by over 40 participants. The event was organized in compliance with the mask regime and distance.

As part of the event program, the following topics were studied:

- "From an idea to your own business";

- "How to start? Fears and new opportunities ”;

- "Risk and opportunities: new niches and promising areas for business";

- "5 steps to your own business: the most pressing questions at the start";

- “Finance and Profit. How to make it fly ?;

- "Cash flow and business planning" and others.

Artur Chich, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Adygea: "We thank Sergei Sitnikov for such a useful and rich program, with the naked eye you can see that our today's speaker is liked by the audience, we are sure that we will cooperate more than once!"

Review of the program participant: “This program is, first of all, unique instruments! Real, well-structured and understandable. How to live in business, how to apply yourself in business, how to work with people in business. How to build processes through these tools. A lot of useful and structured information. Thanks to Sergei Sitnikov and the My Business Center.

The event was implemented within the framework of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives" of the Russian Federation.