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The Center "My Business" continues to actively support the self-employed

In the Republic of Adygea, within the framework of a regional project, training and other measures to stimulate the development of self-employed citizens continue.

In the "My Business" Center, individuals planning to start a business and try themselves as a self-employed can get advice on all existing support measures, including legal and accounting.

“The purpose of the regional project is to help and support the self-employed at all stages of development of his business: from a start-up idea to expansion,”  director of the My Business Center Artur Chich said, adding that training and consultations are carried out by both the center's specialists and attracted experts,- Adygea Today reports.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Adygea reported that within the framework of replicating the best practices for providing support to self-employed, only in 2021, the My Business Center sent more than 10 examples of successful business development for posting on the official Internet portal "Bank Success Story", thanks to the comprehensive support measures provided.